Mima-sama's VPS

Acchi Kocchi animation from Karmanations

A LightNode VPS physically located in Manila, Philippines.

Services currently offered


v0.5 address: 200:b1ff:9827:dc87:f067:c43b:d546:1dd7

Meshname (resolved locally):

Peer at:

If you don't like my node, I recommend the following nodes as peers:

We are currently peering into:


We are currently hosting a DNS forwarder service both in IPv4 and Yggdrasil IPv6, running under KyokoDNS (and cached with dnsmasq):

Our upstream DNS servers currently are (ranked in priority):

  1. (BlackFiber, clearnet domains)
  2. (BebasID, OpenNIC)
  3. 200:775a:65d8:83ed:cb41:4c57:824:67d (chaotic.ninja, Alfis, PatchyDNS)

We are no longer using the following resolvers:

Pixiv image proxy

Hosted at mima.trafficpixel.tk. Now merged into this domain. Simply replace i.pximg.net with the new address and path (mima.localghost.org/proxy/pximg).

Best paired with a PixivFE instance. I recommend pix.chaotic.ninja, but the official repository has other instances listed if you're looking for them.